Turner Morris 3KW 220V Inverter Off Grid


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Weight 9.36 kg
Dimensions 57 x 38.4 x 20.5 mm

2 Years Warranty

– Supports Automatic Battery Switching
– Supports Generator Input Source
– Compatible with Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion Batteries
– Battery Reverse Connection Protection, Anti-Power Control Function
– Input Power Source Priority can be set by Users

– 3000W Rated Power
– 24 Volt Battery
– 220/230VAC Nominal Voltage
– 154-264VAC +/-3 Voltage Range
– 6000W Surge Power
– 100% Pure Sine Wave
– 27VDC Battery Charging Voltage
– 100Amp Controller 48V: 2600W Max PV Array Power
– 16Amp Max Solar Input Current
– 100Amp Max Solar Charging Current
– 60Amp Max AC Charging Current
– 154-280VAC Battery Charging Voltage Range
– <45dB Accoustic Noise - 2 Year Warranty - Items and colour may vary from actual image